Steven Price Brown fought in Afghanistan in 2012, serving with The Grenadier Guards. During an arduous tour his platoon sadly suffered appalling losses and being the platoon’s advanced team medic he was found at the centre of the most gruesome incidents, receiving two citations for bravery.

After leaving the forces, he moved to Africa and worked as a mountain guide, a security consultant and also a journalist in Kenya and South Sudan.

Steven won the prestigious Atlas Group Investigative article of the year in 2014

In October 2015 he was introduced to a military sailing charity Turn to Starboard, and a new love of nature started.

Steven is now enrolled on the Zero to Hero Yacht master programme, he has passed the Competent Crew and Day Skipper certificates and is now working towards the Yachtmaster Offshore qualification, and plans to take his practical in October 2016.

Steven took part in the Round Britain Challenge in 2016


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