Riddle Of The Waves



The British public has a huge appetite for success stories  of their soldiers, and in 2016 a group of military veterans embarked on a unique sailing trip.

Their ship “The Spirit of Falmouth” is the last remaining Merseyside Pilot Schooner, her sister ship sadly sinking in Port Stanley harbour in the Falklands.

Their mission was to deliver this ship home, from its current home in Falmouth back to Liverpool, a place where the pilot service started in 1766, with 2016 being the 250th anniversary and the city Liverpool planning a celebration to coincide.

Spirit has been more than a ship, she’s been winter home to many of these veterans when they were homeless, she’s been a safe place to learn friendship after months of isolation; and finally she has encouraged them to reclaim their sense of worth.

Both Spirit and this ragtag bunch of ex-soldiers spent their lives protecting others.

Now they have a chance to pay her back.

But being military they decided not to choose the easy route, whereas as everyone normally goes clockwise, they are going the opposite, maybe to turn back time?

A circumnavigation of the British nation, that they all swore to protect.

The journey gives them the chance to visit many of the places they cherish, family homes family graves, inspiring places, some obvious some not so much.

A pilgrimage for many and a chance to finally underline the issues they all faced when returning back to civilian life.

This is their story, each and all, told with the hilarious dark humour of soldiers.

Steven Price Brown has written a book of this adventure titled Riddle of the Waves , it is available in hard back by Adlard Coles, a subsidiary of Bloomsbury Print.