Blood & Sand


As this goes to press I am watching our leader Mr. Kenyatta on TV, he is rightly condemning the atrocious attack that has just happwith-sheets-onened in Mandera.

He quotes that we should all “pull together” that this is “our fight” that the ‘terrorists” will not get away with it.

I’m sorry to sound argumentative but they already have…

The Islamic extremist organization Al Sh

abaab has been wholesale killing Kenyans for about 18 months without much reprisal or containment, in fact haven’t we had this conversation before?

Another 36 Kenyans lie dead, their bodies put neatly in a line so the authorities can check their numbers, the desert wind trying to lift the sheets lain over the corpses to offer some protection.

36 people who couldn’t recite passages of a 1400 year old text that is completely irrelevant to today’s life, so they were separated and executed. 36 people who had a hard enough life already toiling away in a quarry day after day in incredible heat, earning just enough to send money home to families. Terrorism tactics are very effective as are insurgencies tactics, we know this because we have a flag and country thanks to these types. This country was formed by a group of freedom fighters (terrorists on your side) who hid in caves and battled the oppressive colonialist powers, who decided that the cause was more important than the individual and continued to hurry the British enemy until it gave in.

I’m very concerned about the future, as I really don’t think that our leader is a mandera-attackWar General, he may be many things but is he the right guy to take the fight to this callous, cowardly enemy? I’m doubtful, he was born to rule as he was borne from a father who ruled, but does he have the ability to get down and dirty, to rid this country of its biggest threat since independence? I really want to be proved wrong, Kenya has the potential to be the key country in East Africa, there are so many exciting things happening here, the infrastructure is developing for a great country, money is pouring in from the aid world and the Chinese. Even the airport that suspiciously burnt down now looks like the gateway to a healthy, vibrant, dynamic state.

What do I know? Well my childhood years were marred by the IRA, the Irish terrorist organization that was ruthless in its ability to weaken the British Government. But then we got a War Leader, love her or hate her Margaret Thatcher came at the right time and defended the British Isles from within against the Irish and from outside against the Argentinians in the Falklands War. We In Kenya need a War leader, not a wealthy, privileged, professional politician.

My Kenyatta, I have many times taken a deep breath, cocked my weapon and rushed into the unknown, not knowing if the next moments will be my last, if you truly do care about this fine country, do the same.

Otherwise we will have fine, clean roads lined with dead Kenyans…

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