Carpe Diem


patagoniaI’m sure I’ve mentioned before that for a while I was a soldier. A short while, but long enough to get sent to war and to get shot at, a lot.

But I was one of the lucky ones that got home all safe, some of my friends didn’t come home and some did but with bits missing. Anyway, it’s one of those experiences that leaves a mark and it made me want to seize life and get stuff done.

So I’ve been up to all kinds of mischief and adventure since giving my uniform back and returning to civilian status, but what’s the plan for the future? I’ve managed to acquire all the accoutrements of a happy life, a great girlfriend, a great home after 7 years of wanders, a few great jobs all of which I think are cool, mountaineer, writer and shhhhh… security.

So what to seize now? Well there’s this race, it’s in Patagonia which is the eastern bit of the long finger of South America, and it lasts 10 days, oh and you have to sea kayak, trek, mountain bike, carrying everything with you and basically not get lost or killed! Last year only 30% of the teams finished, so I think it might be quite hard, well very hard, actually I suspect it’s too hard, but hey ho.  I’ve watched videos of the past events from under my warm duvet and it made me shiver.

So I asked a few of my army buddies who also got home from war to do it with me, as it’s a team thing and one has to be a girl. Not sure why one has to be a girl, maybe to ensure all the men behave themselves or don’t act too stupid, who knows but it’s a good idea. Anyway they all said yes. So after all that soul searching and puffing out my chest, writing the application, telling them organizers how awesome we are, thinking of a slightly stupid team name and basically making the huge decision to enter, we have to wait… two weeks for them to decide if they want us or not. And relax, breathe and be patient…

So now after convincing all my buddies that it’s a great idea, they have all told me that if we don’t get selected we have to create our own foolish adventure to eclipse it. Which means I have to find a race that no one can finish, that is somewhere colder, which if there was a video of I would have to watch whilst in a scorching hot shower to stop me shivering. So I really do hope they accept us for the very hard race that only one in three can finish, as the alternative actually scares me.

Seize the day…

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