What’s Your Number?

So ask yourself, how many sexual partners have you had?


The reason I ask is that many people don’t actually know, which does sound a little scary but come on, roughly, you honestly don’t need a pen and paper. I recently did a sex survey and had to ask all kinds of fun questions, one being “so how many lovers have you had?”

The number varied as you would expect but once it got higher and higher the vagueness got clearer and clearer. I felt sorry for all those forgotten lovers, the ones that had put all that effort in, just to be dismissed with a “I can’t remember” comment. So you got that number yet? Well one thing I can be sure of it’s high, I noticed that Kenyans are quite promiscuous, don’t forget the figure I got told was the real truth rather than the watered down version potential partners hear. That adds up with my own personal experience.

One sexpert once said;

“Women never ever tell them your number, because as eggs are eggs it will be too many, even if you tell them 3 it will be 2 too many.”

But what do you find acceptable? What number if told to you by a new partner would have you asking for the check and running for the car to escape?  To help you here are the statistics;

The average score for the men is……7
The average score for the women is…4

Which does seem incredibly low, maybe they were conducting this survey at a covent or school. So surely not. I know a woman who had sex with 3 men last week, whilst I also know a guy who had sex with 3 women on one day/night about 4 months ago.

Traditionally men have slept with more partners, oh how us boys are allowed to be a “ladies man”, a “swordsman” or “loverboy”, while the fairer sex gets labeled less flattering names if they are promiscuous. Let’s not forget that men are also far more critical of their girlfriends past. It’s called “slut shame”, where a man decides that the number is too high, he then gets all pious and looks down his nose at his girl. Tut, tut maybe Mr Nosy shouldn’t have asked, it does make sense that you’re not going to be the first guy wanting to get all down, dirty and sweaty with her.

Here’s another fact, the number of men’s sexual partners on average is decreasing and the average of women’s is increasing. Women now sleep with 4 times more men than granny did so girl power is now getting naked. I say good, I can certainly say that when I’m single I’m active so bring it on.

My advice for a guy…don’t ask…there’s a chance she’s seen more action than you, which might bruise that lion ego. And for woman…don’t tell, just say “it’s none of your business” and then screw him senseless, he probably won’t care then. That said there is a link between promiscuity and faithfulness. If he/she has got a stratosphere number then take heed, you might not be the last.

But think of your lucky granddaughter, that if you do get serious, she’ll have 4 times more sex than your new woman…

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